A Professional 3D Printer for Jewelers and Dentists. Your Truly Multi-machine Synchronous, Wifi Controlled Desktop Factory.

printing size

96*60*150 mm

xy resolution

50 µm

z resolution


machine size

228*280*615 mm (Desktop Grade)


Casting Resin

Projector Light

UV LED Light

NHB-53 Applications

Ideal for Jewelry Production

NHB-53 can print features as fine as 25 microns and layer thicknesses from 100 microns all the way down to 1micron! In this way, extremely intricate designs can be produced in ultra-fine detail. We have also focused on the Lost-Wax process, in order to meet the high demands of jewelers for their finished products.

Dental Parts Printing

NHB-53 is ideal for dentists who need both high accuracy and a large printing area for dental appliances.

Garage Kits & Toys

Given its capacity for high-detail reproduction, it is also at home in your garage kit or when designing toys. Since toy design needs a larger building area, NHB 53 features a maximum height of 150 mm.

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Resin Wavelenght

  • 405nm

Projector Light

  • UV LED Light

Gross Power

  • 100 W

Easy To Use Software